Enterprise Standard Native Business Apps delivered in days / weeks rather than Months, driving a 70-80% saving on development costs. Supported by best in class business consultants.

Cotham Technologies is a mobile software technology company headquartered in the UK, with local North East consultants available to meet and discuss NE Scale up requirements. Cotham Technologies is transforming and shaping the way apps are created.

Mobile apps have become the primary way that users engage with media, brands and ultimately with each other. They are the digital interface through which increasingly more people live, work and play; hence the strategic importance of the app market that spans across many industry verticals.

The Company has innovated a unique patent-filed Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that redefines the app landscape, enabling the rapid creation of native mobile apps across disparate mobile devices. The platform, marketed as FloPro, meets a rapidly growing need for businesses engaged in digital transformation that is characterised by the following:

  • a ‘no-code’ native app development platform, liberalising solution creation using simple drag and drop techniques
  • ability to address the high demand for apps and the corresponding supply constraints, organisations can significantly reduce the in-house skills level required (and hence reduce costs) to develop native business apps
  • the capability to disrupt established mobile app development models
  • Scale up partners can either License the FloPro Software and build apps internally
  • Alternatively, Cotham will provide an end to end service from design to build using the FloPro product.
  • Typically, a 70-80% development saving is generated by using our FloPro platform
  • App build time is reduced from Months to Days/Weeks depending upon the complexity of the App
  • The FloPro solution majors on integrating with enterprise back office systems and databases

Cotham Technologies

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