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James Allen is Managing Director of Guerilla Communications, a full-service marketing agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne that has been trading for 16 years.

Laura Foster is a Scaleup North East Partner and strategic communications and marketing professional with 20 years’ experience working across multiple sectors and disciplines.

James Allen (JA): We’re a full-service agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne and London we have about 15 staff at the moment and we provide everything from brand strategy, advertising, digital, obviously online advertising, PR etc. 

Laura Foster (LF):When I met James, it was clear that he’d reach a point of 16 years of being in business and the company performing well regionally, nationally and internationally, but he’d reached a point where it was now or never in terms of taking the company to the next level of growth.

JA: Laura came in and basically identified what our objectives were, we got them down on paper, we thrashed them out and then Laura helped us work with a strategy that would allow us to achieve it and that involved, more or less, the entire team here at Guerilla in focussed discussion workshops about what we stood for, what was important to us, what our value proposition was, how we could help our clients’ pain and gain if you like. We had a number of sessions, Laura helped us distil those sessions to output that we could work on from a creative point of view that’s helped us define our value proposition and also our brand as it turns out, and brand values. 

LF: Sometimes it can be quite unsettling when you’re challenged as the director of a business when somebody comes in and questions the way that you’re doing things. With Guerilla they’ve turned around a huge amount of work in a very short space of time as you might expect from a marketing agency that works to quite tight time scales, but they’ve really taken on board some of the ideas and run with them. 

JA: I think what we’re looking to do with Laura on board, what’s been really beneficial, is the fact that she’d being objective. What we do for a living is we come up with lines, you know, proposition lines and get to the salient line for our clients and that was the danger that with Guerilla we were coming up with one line and that wasn’t translated into internal communications, so Laura’s had a bit of a battle pulling us back and bringing us back to an internal / external facing value proposition that actually made a lot of sense and was holistic and had depth to it, She’s been excellent on that front. 

LF: Everybody that I’ve worked with here has been really open to thinking about new ways of working and really up for the challenge of bringing those on board.

JA: I think now we’ve put lots of measures in place, we’ve invested heavily in IT, new servers, new phone systems, we’ve got continuous professional development plan which is robust for next year. We think we’ve nailed our own brand, which is no mean feat for a branding agency essentially. So, we’ve got the assets in place and resources in place now to move forward as a team. We’ve recruited really good people over the past year so as a resource, as a company we’re well geared up for the future now in terms of sustainable growth and rapid growth moving forward over the next couple of years. Essentially, we’re looking at £1.2 million and we’d like to be £2 million by the end of next year. I certainly think with the advice we’ve had from Laura, she’s been exceptional at keeping the whole strategy focused, challenging us and making sure that we are actually on track.    





RTC North (RTC North)

Created by RTC North (RTC North), 1 month ago, [last edited 1 month ago]

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