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All In One is a clothing manufacturer based in Northumberland producing ethically, hand-made bespoke onesie’s to over 200 countries. Founder and Managing Director, Kate Dawson, started the company in 2008 and wants to scale the business to ensure more people around the world can design and buy their own bespoke onesie’s.

Craig Huntingdon is a Scaleup North East Partner who has scaled three businesses over the last 15 years.

Kate Dawson (KD): We wanted to scale up because we know how good we are, I don’t want to sound big headed, but we do know from the customer reviews and all the feedback we get that people love our products. So, we wanted to scale up to be able to reach out to more people. We have a huge international following, sold into 200 countries so far in the 10 years of trading. So, we just wanted to refresh, revamp and just drive it a bit harder. 

Craig Huntingdon (CH): The business had previously scaled and scaled very successfully but for a number of external factors, nothing to do with their business as it currently stood, there had been a number of challenges. One of the key things that the business had identified very early was its brand identity and the fact that the business potentially needed a bit of a refresh in terms of scaling, plateauing and having to go again. Kate and the team had done a lot of work, with some great external support about building a brand persona, understanding the customer base, how the customer interacted with the website, how they built the onesie and that was a wealth of information that we could delve in to and work out the best way of refreshing the company and taking it forward.

KD: To mix with other people on the Scaleup programme has been really helpful, to find out what they are doing, what the problems are that they are up against and how they are overcoming those hurdles and what they are using the programme for. Craig has been really supportive and even will phone me and say, “Been thinking about you, is everything ok?”, which is so lovely to have that personal touch and bit of support because being an entrepreneur is a very lonely place and you’ve got all these ideas milling around your head so to have somebody to talk to who understands is absolutely brilliant.

CH: So, by looking at the data that the business had amassed and validating a lot of that research it was very clear and obvious where the business could improve. A lot of that was the interaction, the digitisation piece around the website. The website was incredibly advanced for its time, it had dated, other sites had caught up. There was a vision to build a 3-D builder as opposed to a 2-D builder that would allow a lot more personalisation for customers to actually see the product in its finished form as it was being built on the website. That was a key requirement but did pose a number of significant challenges. Finding businesses that could interact with the company and understand that requirement, have a skillset to develop it at a time and a cost that was appropriate to the business was a real challenge.

KD: They’ve supported us to create a new 3-D builder onesie website so that’s actually being developed as we speak. 

CH: My role as a Scaleup Partner on the programme was to work with Kate primarily and be that critical friend, bouncing ideas, emails, texts, phone calls, “What do you think about this?”, “How can you help?”, the odd scream! Just really to be as supportive as we could be in terms of being that sounding board when and if required. 

KD: Nice people to be on board with and they are always there if you phone and need some advice, they are always there to chat through any ideas or queries. Yes, I definitely would recommend.


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RTC North (RTC North)

Created by RTC North (RTC North), 1 month ago

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