Sales is key in all organisations and waiting for the postman to deliver that new order or expecting a lucrative email to drop into your inbox is not the most efficient way to run your business. Winning work and sales forecasting are crucial for any business, because it affects everything.

Selling is not an easy job, but it does define your business. Scaleup North East can help with your sales planning, our experienced scaleup partners have first-hand experience with scaling businesses, developing strategic plans and sales forecasting. We have learnt the hard way, can empathise with you and help you overcome your fears.

Successful businesses usually do quite well during their initial survival and early growth periods over the first few years, then for various reasons hit a barrier and struggle for many years get over it, if in fact they ever do!

Sales isn’t rocket science, it’s all about common sense, the main thing is to have a plan and make sure you stick to it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did you do this in the first place?
  • Who are you?
  • What are you good at?
  • Why should anyone buy from you?
  • Why are you different to the competition? What is your USP? (Unique Selling Point)
  • Where is your target market?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What are they good at?
  • When are you going to get out there to see your prospects?

Once you focus yourself by answering the questions above, create a simple sales plan. The plan is your blueprint and sets out sales strategy, targets and tactics for your business, identifying steps you will take to meet your goals in line with your target market.

Set yourself a structure to execute your sales plan and make sure that you are out there meeting prospective customers face-to-face. You have probably heard it many times, and it’s true, ‘people buy from people’. You may feel that you are more efficient sat at your desk and that sending out emails haphazardly will give you more success since you are contacting more people, however it’s a fact that the best chance of growing your business is having regular face to face meetings with your prospect.

If your business wants to have a discussion about sales as part of scaling up then please visit our website and apply to join the programme.